Shipping Information


Puppy and adult dog shipping information!


Our English Bulldog puppies are shipped via Airmax Cargo Budapest Kft. They have pressurized cabins and climate control system. All English Bulldog puppies are flown in a special compartment for pets and they don’t travel where the luggages are stored.


Our English Bulldog puppies are usually transported early in the morning. They will be delivered to the new owner within forty-eight hours depend on where the puppy will be transported.


How does the shipping work?


When you purchase a puppy from us I make the contact with the deliverer company. I ask the rules of delivery in the given country. For instance, which is the earliest age when the puppy can be shipped to the target country or which are the necessary documents what I have to provide for the puppy? I take the puppy to the local animal hospital to perform a medical survey maximum seventy-two hours before the transport. Our veterinarian performs an entire medical examination on your English Bulldog puppy. It contains the examination of faeces, skin, fur, the health of eyes and examination of umbilical hernia and movement considering the puppy’s age. After that, in the case of males the survey of testicles. In addition, the veterinarian examines that there is any sign of heart or breathing abnormality. Every result of examination are marked on the medical certification.


After the puppy have checked veterinarian writes out a medical certification which contains that the puppy’s medical status is perfect. Hence, the puppy can be transported.


This gives us a guarantee if the puppy we send you is in perfect medical condition and you will get a healthy dog.


If the veterinarian’s opinion is that puppy needs any treatment before the delivery, the purchaser will be notified. Because, we want to be sure if you get a healthy dog. We want to provide the best for our purchasers and our English Bulldogs. I want to highlight that this cases are very rare. If it happens even so, please be patient we don’t want to sell a sick puppy.
The following documents have to be provided completely:
– International book of vaccination (which have to contains vaccinations considering the puppy’s age and treatments against parasites.)

– Animal passport

– Official veterinarian certification (which certificates that there isn’t any sign of infection in our kennel’s certain environment.

– There are countries where other documents can be asked.


How much time have to be elapsed before the delivery? What is the age which the puppy have to reach before the delivery?


Our English Bulldogs have to reach the tenth or twelfth week age or older (puppies can be shipped to the U.S.A. from the tenth week.) They have to get vaccinations considering their age if the transport be possible. These puppies’ immune system is oppose against a lot of viruses. Because, they have got every necessary vaccination. So chance of infection is dwindled.

What about the cost of delivery?


I can give you price quote about every country. Puppies cannot be shipped to Hawaii unless he or she is older.