High-Lord Pompey (English Bulldog New Male)

Name: High-Lord Pompey  (New Male)


High-Lord Pompey (English Bulldog New Male)Description: Birth date: 08/07/2014.
Father: Lemon Vom Nonito.. son of Golucan Cole Belthazor
Mother: CH.Geisha Von Teufelhöhle who’s appearance like the new standard.
Fully closed lips, straight columnar legs, good back line and standing, with long tail, beautiful type head and the movement also good like the father’s.
There’s excellent bulldogs in Geisha blood line.







High-Lord Pompey (English Bulldog New Male)High-Lord Pompey (English Bulldog New Male)High-Lord Pompey (English Bulldog New Male) High-Lord Pompey (English Bulldog New Male)

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