High-Lord Nadyne (Female)


Name: High-Lord Nadyne (Female)


High-Lord Nadyne(Female) Description: Birth date: 03/06/2014.. Father: Vegas Von Teufelhöhle,  Vegas father:Int.Ch.Multi Ch. I Will Be Famous Von Teufelhöhle who already get a lot of dog show results. He is Champion in different countries, get the Top Junior Bulldog of 2011 title. He’s got perfect appearance and movement with strong bones, wide front and beautiful type head. He is an excellent shire with extra pedigree. Mother: Shakira Von Teufelhöhle. Grandparents: Jaminic Specification , CH. Saintgeorges Shakermaker Mystyle Great-grandparents: GBCH.Calibra Kryptonite ,Sotakál Aliz, Natasha Mother: Final Fantasy Von Teufelhöhle




High-Lord Nadyne (Female) High-Lord Nadyne (Female) Nadyne & Nyko and my daughter Cintia

Videok :



Vegas Von Teufelhöhle { Int.Ch.Multi Ch I Will Be Famous Von Teufelhöhle { Jaminic Specification { Wedgebury Leo
Jaminic Gold Impression
Sotakál Mercedes { Gb.Ch. Calibra Kryptonite
Ch. Sotakál Alíz
Shakira Von Teufelhöhle  { Ch.Saintgeorges Shakermaker Mystyle { Ringablock Mcdonald Mystyle
Saintgeorges Stand Proud
Indyra Von Teufelhöhle { Ch. Sir Frankie Of Lyerly
Ch. Betta Goldenbuld
Final Fantasy Von Teufelhöhle { Bomberland Legalist { WW, Gb.Ch. Merriveen Rough N’Ready { WW, Gb.Ch. Merriveen Make My Day
Merriveen Quite Contrary
Hyten High Priestess Of Luvpull { Ch. Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe
Wyecaple All In The Game With Hyten
Ch. Rubin Von Teufelhöhle { Eu.W, Ch. Seabright Silver Satisfaction { Eu.W, Ch. Wyecaple Good To Go
Beclever v.h. Slaghek
Indyra Von Teufelhöhle { Ch. Sir Frankie Of Lyerly
Ch. Betta Goldenbuld