High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female)

Name: High-Lord Diva (Female)    Sold Bulldoze English Bulldogs



High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female) 01Description: Birth date: 17/10/2012. Father: JCH. Jackpot Von Teufelhöhle Sensational UK bloodline male dog! The first and the second generation from this blood line.: GBCH Sealaville He’s The Rebel» , Int.Ch. Sotakal Primadonna, GbCh Sealaville
He\’s the Duke,Sealaville She

Mother: Ch. Rubin Von Teufelhöhlesensational bloodline female dog. The first and the second generation from this blood line.: Eu.W. Ch.
Seabright Silver Satisfaction ,Indyra Von Teufelhöhle
Eu.W. Ch. Wyecaple Good To Go, Beclever V.H. Slaghek
Ch. Sir Frankie Of Lyerly, Ch. Betta Goldenbull





High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female) 03High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female) 04High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female) 05High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female) 06High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female) 07High-Lord Diva (English Bulldog Female) 08

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JCH. Jackpot Von Teufelhöhle { GBCH Sealaville He’s The Rebel { GbCh Sealaville He’s The Duke { Sealaville Cream Cracker
Berrybrook Be Graceful At Sealaville
Sealaville She’s Candice { Ch. Terlingfair Lord Argyl Mystyle
Sealaville The Temptress
Int.Ch. Primadonna Von Teufelhöhle { Sotakal Magic { WW, Gb.Ch. Mystyle Golden Wonder
Terlingfair Lilylane
Sotakal Kim { Ch. Terlingfair Lord Argyl At Mystyle
Sealaville The Temptress
Ch. Rubin Von Teufelhöhle { Eu.W, Ch. Seabright Silver Satisfaction { Eu.W, Ch. Wyecaple Good To Go { Ch. Lynmans Living Legend
Hyten Miss Hollywood
Beclever v.h. Slaghek { Ch. Slaghek Night And Day
Fleur v h Slaghek
Indyra Von Teufelhöhle { Ch. Sir Frankie Of Lyerly { Ch. Millcoats Muggs
Ch. Lyerly’s Leather N’Lace
Ch. Betta Goldenbuld { Ch. Prime Passion Bulldog Mi-Ol-Win
Supra J Anubisz