High-Lord Colton (English Bulldog Male)

Name: High-Lord Colton (Male) Sold


High-Lord Colton(English Bulldog Male) 01Description: Birth date: 12/June/2012.

Father:HJCH, Ro.Ch., DERBY WINNER 2011 and TOP JUNIOR BULLDOG 2011 . I Will Be Famous Von Teufelhöhle. But he also has many different other results! This dog is really amazing who has extra strong bones and special pedigree. From the father pedigree I would like to mention the below names: ( Jaminic SpecificationGBCH.Calibra KryptoniteGBCH.Valleybull Silver Sailor at Merriveen

Mother:High-Lord Bonita. She has also strong bones like the sire and the skin wrinkle is good. She is one of the top bitch from our kennel. From her pedigree I also would like to mention these names: ( Rizi-Bizi Bull’s BrendonJt.Jack Action AletGróz-Kriger Thobie )





High-Lord Colton (English Bulldog Male)   2High-Lord Colton (English Bulldog Male)   3High-Lord Colton (English Bulldog Male)   4High-Lord Colton (English Bulldog Male)   5High-Lord Colton (English Bulldog Male)   6High-Lord Colton (English Bulldog Male)   7

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HJCH. I Will Be Famous Von Teufelhöhle { Jaminic Specification { Wedgebury Leo { Ch. Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe
Wedgebury Eskimo Nell
Jaminic Gold Impression { Ch. Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe
Sweet Noble of Jaminic
Sotakál Mercedes { Gb.Ch. Calibra Kryptonite { Calibra Classic Gold
Ch. Calibra Golden Jubilee
Ch. Sotakál Aliz { Gb.Ch. Valleybull Silver Sailor At Merriveen
vWW. Int.Ch. Aprodité Von Teufelhöhle
High-Lord Bonita { HJCH,HCH Rizi-Bizi Bull’S Brandon { Legend Boy Lala { Derousheer Billy Bumble
Legend Boy Fancy
Rizi-Bizi Bull’S Zsozso { Gróz-Kriger Thobie
Rizi-Bizi Bull’S Elsa
Black-Treausure Tekla { JT.Jack Action Alet { Begnamino di Villa Eden
Gog-Magoc Action Alet
Bonaparte Trixi { Deszki Bulligátor Bodyguard Kabóca
Bizu Farmon