Final Fantasy Von Teufelhöhle (Pedigree)


Bomberland Legalist { WW, Gb.Ch. Merriveen Rough N’Ready { WW, Gb.Ch. Merriveen Make My Day { Gb.Ch. Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Merriveen Mary Mary
Merriveen Quite Contrary { Gb.Ch. Ocobo Tully
Merriveen Mary Mary
Hyten High Priestess Of Luvpull { Ch. Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe { Gb.Ch. Kelloe Angel Dust
Bullycraft Ikes Girl
Wyecaple All In The Game With Hyten { Ch. Lynmans Living Legend
Hyten Miss Hollywood
Ch. Rubin Von Teufelhöhle { Eu.W, Ch. Seabright Silver Satisfaction { Eu.W, Ch. Wyecaple Good To Go { Ch. Slaghek Night And Day
Hyten Miss Hollywood
Beclever v.h. Slaghek { Ch. Slaghek Night And Day
Fleur v h Slaghek
Indyra Von Teufelhöhle { Ch. Sir Frankie Of Lyerly { Ch. Millcoats Muggs
Ch. Lyerly\’s Leather N\’Lace
Ch. Betta Goldenbuld { Ch. Prime Passion Bulldog Mi-Ol-Win
Supra J Anubisz