Ch. Geisha Von Teufelhöhle (English Bulldog Female)

Name: Ch. Geisha Von Teufelhöhle  (Female) 


Ch. Geisha Von Teufelhöhle (English Bulldog Female)Description: Born: 22 .11, 2009   Geisha  who’s appearance like the new standard.Fully closed lips, straight columnar legs, good back line and standing, with long tail, beautiful type head and the movement also good like the father’s.There’s excellent bulldogs in Geisha blood line.  Father: Ch.Gróz-Kriger Vazul  whose father  Gb.Ch. Valleybull Silver Sailor At Merriveen     Mother: Shakira Von Teufelhöhle whose father Ch.Saintgeorges Shakermaker Mystyle






Expo Date Class Result Judge
CAC Dunaújváros 2012-10-14 Champion Exc.1. CAC Pettkó Csaba
CACIB Backa Topola 2011-09-18 Intermediate Exc.1. CAC Bosnjak Tibor
CAC Turija 2011-09-17 Intermediate Exc.1. CAC Zizakov Vladimir


Ch. Geisha Von Teufelhöhle (English Bulldog Female)Ch. Geisha Von Teufelhöhle (English Bulldog Female)Ch. Geisha Von Teufelhöhle (English Bulldog Female)

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Ch.Gróz-Kriger Vazul { Gb.Ch. Valleybull Silver Sailor At Merriveen { WW, Gb.Ch. Merriveen Rough N’Ready { WW, Bh.Ch. Merriveen Make My Day
Merriveen Quite Contrary
Swalesboy Simply The Best { Ch. Athelstan Anglorum
Swalesboy West Morning Star
Ch, April Full Moon Kwai { WW. Gb.Ch. Merriveen Make My Day { Gb.Ch. Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Merriveen Mylady
Ch. April Full Moon Cocaine { Ch. Gróz-Kriger Oliver
Gróz-Kriger Darling
Shakira Von Teufelhöhle { Ch. Saintgeorges Shakermaker Mystyle { Ringablok Mcdonald Mystyle { Fullmarks the Duke
Ringablok Princess
Saintgeorges Stand Proud { Ch. Mystyle Kees
Saintgeorges Look at Me
Indyra Von Teufelhöhle { Ch. Sir Frankie Of Lyerly { Ch. Millcoats Muggs
Ch. Lyerly’s Leather N’Lace
Ch. Betta Goldenbuld { Ch. Prime Passion Bulldog Mi-Ol-Win
Supra J. Anubisz